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Bridging the Achievement Gap: Fostering Equity and Access for All Students through Leadership Development, Professional Growth, and Collaborative Partnerships with Educators, Parents, Students, and the Community to Prepare Students for the Future Workforce

Building Capacity of Educators, Parents, and Communities

STEM Happens Network

Early Childhood Education Resources with CRE Focus


Expanded Capacity for Student Centered Learning

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The Dr. Hazel N. Dukes Education Initiative is committed to providing every child with equitable access to free, high-quality education from birth through K-12 and beyond, while nurturing cultural self-awareness and resilience. Our mission is to close the achievement gap and ensure education equity for ALL students. We achieve this by fostering a diverse, culturally responsive sustained community that offers resources, mentoring, and support to parents, caregivers, and educators. This foundation empowers students with accessible, affordable, goal-oriented opportunities in vocational, economic, technological, and scientific fields, preparing them for successful careers and college.

Our mission is to offer educational opportunities to every public-school student, regardless of their academic ability. We are committed to providing students with the essential tools they need to learn, thus ensuring educational equity for all. 



Our vision is to champion 21st-century learning opportunities for ALL children, fostering collaboration among educators, parents, and the community. We are dedicated to equipping our children with the tools and resources they need for both immediate and future success. Through our partnerships with leaders in education we focus on technology, critical thinking, computational skills, and a transdisciplinary approach to learning, we aim to prepare our students to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.


Professional development empowers educators to continually enhance their teaching skills and strategies, ultimately resulting in improved student learning outcomes.

Professional Development

Integrative STEM gives schools the ability to nurture diverse talents and interests, allowing students to explore a variety of career options and find their true passion in a dynamic and interdisciplinary learning environment.

Integrative STEM

Parent engagement has a significant positive impact on students' academic achievement and overall well-being, creating a supportive and enriching learning environment both at home and in school.

Parent Engagement

Ensuring college and career readiness is equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to successfully pursue their desired educational and professional paths, setting them up for lifelong success and fulfillment.

College & Career Readiness

Empower Learning. Transform Futures.


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Imagine a world where every child has access to technology, where digital skills are within everyone's reach. Sadly, without your help, many kids miss out on this opportunity.


Your contribution can transform lives. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and empower these young minds for a brighter future. Be the change they need; donate today!

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