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What Sets Us Apart

The Dell Technologies / ALP approach to Professional Learning (PL) has catalyzed and amplified action-oriented implementation toward high-impact outcomes in over 400 districts across North America, focusing less on traditional training and more on customized, experience-driven professional learning.

By moving beyond one-size-fits-all solutions, the team’s approach is recognized not only for being inclusive and comprehensive but also for cultivating effective and sustainable learner-led growth models.

Advanced Learning Partnerships is an educational consulting firm led by learners, in service of learners. Equal parts partner, designer, and change agent, the team is fiercely loyal to the notion that people and teamwork ultimately lead transformation, not technology or programs alone. Big picture, ALP strives to empower every learner to be the change their community needs.

The team consists of highly accomplished educators with rich experience and proven skills as school leaders, district administrators, classroom teachers, board trustees, published authors, and professional consultants. Their facilitation of the referenced services aligns with the ISTE Standards for Students (2016); Teachers, and Coaches; Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning; and the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning framework.

Dell Technologies and Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) are proud to support the vision and mission forged by the NAACP and New York City Department of Education. It is our privilege to work alongside leadership with a sophisticated vision for deeper learning accompanied by the talent, energy, and determination to actualize that vision.  We thank you for the invitation to collaborate and look forward to earning the trust necessary to fuel our professional learning partnership.

Since 2010, Dell Technologies and its preferred Professional Learning (PL) Services partner, Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc. (ALP), have worked closely with learning organizations to facilitate innovative and purposeful adult learning initiatives focused on organization-wide impact.

Dell/ALP Opportunities AY 2023-2024

Julie Foss

Senior Partnerships Consultant

Gaynell Lyman

Sr. Director of Partnerships


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